Current Statement

I practice in a variety of mediums and explore various themes that include the illusion of light, sensory perception, mark making, and mental health. My practice is an ongoing investigation about these topics, they offer me endless possibilities to create visually engaging paintings, sculptures and light installations to exercise one's senses. 

My current body of work, 'Anxiety Monster', is very much an intersection of art and psychology. My intention is to cultivate the audience's senses and create work that encapsulates them in a meditative setting. Considering mental health is more relevant than it ever has been, my hope is to create a space for people to practice being mindful together and hopefully be able to apply those techniques to their own lives.

Overloading the senses is a healthy visual exercise and the easiest way to cultivate a state of mindfulness. Humans are naturally drawn to light and vivid colors because it stimulates their senses. Exercising one's sensory perception is the first step toward mindful meditation. Meditation is the medicine of the mind. The easiest way to cultivate the viewer’s attention is through the incentive of art.

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